Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Best Belly Fat Burners

Belly fat, also known as “visceral fat”, is associated with increased risks of heart disease.  It presents us with abdominal distention that is commonly referred to as a Beer belly, even if the affected person doesn’t drink beer.

To understand how to get rid of it quickly requires a little bit of understanding about what is happening below the surface of your tummy.  What you should know is that not all of a big belly is fat! A lot of it is fluid retention, that is why it gushes around.

Let’s get right into it, so it all makes sense and then I will give you a list of how to burn the belly fat as fast as possible.

When you are gaining weight, the first place that the fat goes is of course into your fat cells all over the body.  As the fat cells begin to expand with fat and toxins (there are toxins in most fat) then the amount of inflammation in the fat cells starts to increase.  It will increase until the fat cell is so engorged that the inflammation will start to spill out into the circulation, raising the overall inflammation in the body.
This inflammation can lead to other health problems, but it will also raise the amount of cortisol (a hormone) in your body and start increasing the accumulation of fat specifically in the belly.   As cortisol elevates it shuts off your HES1 protein in the liver, that turns off the liver from being able to process fat and leads to fat accumulating in the liver.

The struggling fat cells will send the fat storage problem back to the liver, the liver then begins to become further congested with fat and toxins and stops functioning properly.   As a result you start to spill triglycerides or fat into the digestive track and you begin to retain fluid in the abdomen and produce more inflammation in the gut.  This situation is made worse by eating high carbohydrate meals.

The fat cells have something called leptin and as it rises, the amount of Adiponectin inversely decreases.  A low level of Adiponectin causes insulin resistance in your liver!

Now your blood sugars start to rise, raising the release of insulin… unfortunately, practically all carbohydrates that you eat will be converted into belly fat.  A fatty liver raises your chance for type 2 diabetes by 500%.

If you have ever had a weekend when you drank too much alcohol and ate a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates, you have experienced this at least temporarily.  The alcohol shuts down the liver, you start retaining water and it is made worse because likewise carbohydrates makes you retain water and you can’t process the carbohydrates properly.

So what do we do about all of this?

The following are some simple steps to reverse this process quickly.
  • Decrease your carbohydrate intake dramatically until the liver is de-greased.  Eat nothing white or processed.
  • Eat smaller meals to decrease the effort on the liver.
  • Limit your calorie intake.
  • Increase your intake of lean healthy proteins; it will accelerate the healing within the liver.
  • Increase your intake of nutrient-rich fibrous vegetables.  Fiber will absorb excess fat, toxins and cholesterol out of the body at a faster rate; vitamins and minerals will promote healing.
  • Stay away from high fat diets so that the liver can detoxify and de-grease!
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.  Burst training or high intensity interval training are shown to be best for belly fat.  Hot-box yoga is great for dumping toxins as well.
  • Take at least 500mg of green tea extract – decreases belly fat.
  • Take 900-1200mg of DHA – it de-greases the liver.
  • Take 200mg Resveratrol and 200mg Turmeric – as anti-oxidants to combat the inflammation.
  • Take a Probiotic 8-12 billion active cultures – heals inflammatory effects on the gut.
I recommend doing much of the above as a lifestyle, but especially at the very beginning of a belly fat burning program – because it will virtually guarantee that you will lose the belly fat, very quickly.

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