Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To Want To Lose Weight

Are you asking yourself, “How can I want to lose weight? I know I want to, but I don’t know how to make myself REALLY want it.”

The question that the above thoughts are truly covering up for you is this: How can you elevate your motivation and commitment level towards a goal of self improvement, in this case for your body and health, so that you take the actions required to get you to your end goal?

Well, if you have a lukewarm attitude towards losing weight it means that you feel that there is more to lose by going on a diet, than there is to be gained by going on one and losing the weight.  You might have to do some self-reflecting and ask yourself…

1)  What are you afraid of losing if you lose the weight or said differently, what is to be gained by not losing the weight? 

Do you use weight as a way to protect yourself, as a way to push people or someone away?  Is it a way for you to protect yourself from potential rejection or putting yourself in a vulnerable situation?  Do you feel that you could be rejected by loved ones if you change?  Do you use food as a coping mechanism for stress, sadness or depression and fear losing your crutch?  Is food so important that energy, health and living life fully is less of a priority?

We eat predominantly due to feelings or emotions; if you want increase how much you want to lose weight you are going to have to learn to love and appreciate yourself for more than what you eat.  You should try to embrace the fact that if you live to eat, food has taken on an unhealthy level of importance in your life.  There is opportunity to end these dis-empowering relationships with food.

2)  What could be lost if you don’t lose the weight or what can be gained by losing the weight?

Take a moment and approach this question by looking at what you have missed out on in the past because of your weight or your lack of energy.  What has it cost you? Missed opportunities to live fully, love fully or to participate fully?

What will not changing your weight cost in the present?  What is it costing your right now?  How does your weight affect your life and your self esteem?

What will it cost you in the future – your health?  Obesity is the number one reason for health related deaths in the western world!  If you die an early death, what could you potentially miss out on?

If you want to raise your level of motivation and commitment, you must get leverage on yourself and use it to raise the huge importance for health.   When you realize what it has cost you and realize that you are holding onto your weight for unhealthy reasons, you will begin to increase your “want”, and  to develop the commitment that leads to permanent weight loss.

This is the key to knowing how to want to lose weight.

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