Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Power of The Mind

The power of the mind is amazing! If we come back to the law of opposites, we recognize that there are two sides to everything. In this case the other side of the coin is what is called the nocebo effect. That is the detrimental effect of negative thoughts. It is so powerful that people can die from their own thoughts within weeks. A tribe in Africa believes that if someone points at them, then they are cursed and will surely die. They believe it so completely that they often die in weeks. Looking at things closer to home, researchers tell us that the average person thinks negative thoughts more than 70% of the time. It’s no wonder, with the unlimited amount of negative junk that is on T.V. The news shows us only the bad things that are happening in sensationalized ways; we hear continual political spinning, bickering and posturing. Add to that dis-empowering approaches to stress, health and financial struggles as well as tendencies for negative people or victims to find others just like themselves... I can see why the number is so high. That certainly won’t benefit our health, will it? It is now well embraced that many human ailments are either the direct product of stress and energy draining negative thoughts, or at least greatly exacerbated by it. The list of problems created by stress are impressive: Obesity, asthma, allergies, skin disease, hypertension, strokes, cardiac disease, arthritis, colitis, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome... the list goes on and on.So here is an idea for you - and for everyone. How about not watching the rubbish on television? How about staying current with the affairs of the world and community but not drowning yourself in it? How about realizing that stress for any reason can be managed through healthy eating, exercise, meditation, directed thought and personal self-conscious reflection? How about embracing the fact that true health begins in the mind as well as a lifestyle choice on activity, exercise and diet? Health is an expression of the mind-body connection; your thoughts, your feelings and your actions (actions meaning diet and exercise)! Don’t ever forget: the healthier you are mentally and physically, the faster you can lose weight.

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