Monday, January 16, 2012

Think And Get Lean

Initially the title of this article might strike you as a bit ludicrous, “in order to lose weight you just have to think”?  You might be asking yourself; what about diet and exercise,  and if you watch the Biggest Loser or use a personal trainer, somebody potentially yelling at you? But, indeed the key to long term weight loss can be found more in your thoughts than in any amount of information on diet and exercise.   The title of this article should of also rang a bell for some of you and its similarity to the title of another famous book, a book that has helped more people become wealthy than any other book ever written!

So let me help you to understand, how by thinking differently you can in fact completely change your health and your weight. Think and Grow Rich continues to be the quintessential book on wealth creation ever written.  Did you know that within its pages the author, Napoleon Hill, never once discussed investment opportunities or the mechanics of making money?  There is not page upon page of information as it relates to savings, stocks, real estate, passive streams of income, etc. 

The success that people have experienced after reading the book had nothing to do with the mechanics of savings or investing, but had everything to do with getting the reader to think differently.  It explained in detail how to develop a wealth consciousness, how to set and move towards the accumulation of wealth by taking action, and how to attract wealth into your life through a positive mental attitude and an enthusiastic approach to serving others.   
Napoleon Hill provided the inner strength strategies necessary to succeed in increasing the reader’s wealth.

How does this relate to weight loss?  Knowing what to eat or the best way to exercise, basically diet and exercise, is merely the mechanics to losing weight; just like job advancement, stocks or real estate is the mechanics of increasing your wealth.

The real key to losing weight can be found within yourself.  Not by thinking but in fact by thinking differently, you can achieve your goal of increased health and having your dream body by making that small mental shift. You must realize that changing anything begins with changing yourself.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions of the past have created the level of health and weight that you now enjoy.  If you are not happy with your weight and want to change it completely, start by realizing that lasting change will come from thinking differently and changing your relationships with food.

This simple change will lead to a health consciousness; it will develop the inner strength and drive to take action towards your goal.  Through that small mental shift you will literally magnetize your new body and health to you!   It will also help you to develop the self-motivation and positive mental attitude that will empower you to take the action necessary to attain your dream body!

Think and Get Lean!

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