Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breaking Through the Obstacles that will Sabotage Your New Years Resolution

The number one reason people don’t reach or realize their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight is that they don’t know how to break through the obstacles that they will inevitably have to face.
The problem lies in the fact that people think that the obstacles that appear in their lives are just life getting in the way of their goal.  They feel that the obstacles are like Murphy’s Law, “whatever can go wrong will go wrong”, unforeseen forces are actively trying to prevent them from exercising or from eating healthy.   This conspiracy theory places them in the role of being a victim and acts to spare them of all personal responsibility.
In fact, it is nothing more than a way to blame the outside world for the struggles they are experiencing with weight loss,  instead of seeing the truth.
 The reality is that these obstacles are nothing more than the manifestations created by their own mind.    What is the difference between someone who is very busy and who can’t find the time to exercise and eat healthy, and someone who is very busy but makes the time to exercise and eat healthy? 
·       The person, who makes the time, has made health a priority!
·       The person, who makes the time, has made a commitment to themselves!
·       The person, who makes the time, has no mental baggage that creates obstacles that would sabotage their health.
Now, compare that to the person who just can’t find the time or energy to eat healthy or exercise; things just keep getting in their way of them being able to live their desired healthy lifestyle.
·       Health fails to be a top priority!
·       They fail to reach the level of commitment necessary to achieve their healthy and body goals!
·       They have learned doubts, fears, beliefs and habits that create opportunities to stop trying to lose weight and blame outside influences beyond their control!
·       Their own mental baggage sabotages their lives and their ability to follow through where their desired goal to lose weight.
This problem exists in 95% of all people trying to lose weight and it is why the Mindset for Weight Loss transformational program was created; to help all those who find that life keeps interfering with or messing up their diets. 
It is the information that will free you of all your unwanted, learned doubts and fears, negative beliefs and poor eating habits, and negative relationships with food!    It will show you how to break through all obstacles that would lead to self-sabotage, and it will show you how to make your weight loss resolution come true!

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