Thursday, December 8, 2011

Food, Weight Loss and The Law of Attraction

It has been said many times in the past that, “You are what you eat!” But what if I was to add also that “You are what you think”?

The first one makes sense to us on some level. Even if you don’t understand the science or the effects of what you eat on your biology or how it works, you know that your body uses what you eat to create the cells and health of your entire body.  But what about the second one, “You are what you think”?
I am going to guess that this might be a tough one for you to wrap your arms around.  Let me help you to understand this, for it is a key to health.

First,  to say “You are what you think” is really incorrect; it is really more accurate to say that, “You are what you think AND FEEL”.  Because your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings change everything!  Let me share with you what science is now proving…

… have you ever felt sad or depressed, in fact so much so that it lasted all day or more?  It would be fair to say that you were in a negative headspace so to speak, yes?  Here is what I want you to embrace: the way you felt that day and its effects on the health of your entire body can most easily be compared to… a day or more of eating nothing but; high sugar, high fat, fast food!  Both will decrease your health, both will make you fat, both will make you be less appealing to others and both attract more of the same to you!

Now, have you ever felt great, upbeat and excited, or full of unwavering love and connection for at least a day?  It would be fair to say that you were in a positive headspace, wouldn’t it?  The way you felt for those couple of days and the effects of those positive feelings can be most readily compared to a couple of days of eating nothing but healthy, nutritious foods!  Both will increase your health, both will make you a leaner, fitter version of yourself, both will make you more appealing to others and both will attract more of the same to you, if you know how!

Let me make sense of each effect. Here is a simple way to get it!

  • Food and Health – You are what you eat!  Any food that you eat will, based upon its level of nutrition and health, either increase or decrease the health of your entire body.  Through digestion and chemical reactions your body uses what you give it to continually re-construct all the cells of your body.  Just because you don’t die the second you eat a super-sized meal from your local fast food joint, don’t be fooled… you have taken a step towards the grave.
  • Food and Weight Gain – When you eat junk and you eat more of it than your body can use, then your body will add it to your storage cells; the fat on your body.  Eating junk destroys the organs and hormones associated with metabolism, burning fat and feeling like you have had enough to eat.  You stack the cards against yourself every time you have a day of eating unhealthy foods because the system that is supposed to reverse the process and help you lose weight becomes weaker and weaker!  Besides that, you feel hungry all the time, even when you truly are not – because the hormones that send that message are not working!
  • Food and Weight Loss – When you consistently eat healthy foods you will heal the organs and hormones associated with weight loss.  Even if you are eating amounts that would not result in immediate weight loss you have taken steps to start losing weight because your body will be working better, and you won’t feel hungry all the time, since you are eating higher quality foods.    If you add a calorie deficit (eating less than your body needs) and you eat healthy foods, then you will massively increase health and weight loss.NOTE: Be careful of what diet you choose because some of the fad diets out there help you to lose weight but are also decreasing the health of your body, so that long term you will gain weight because your metabolism and fat burning organs have been further injured.
  • Negative thoughts and feelings – Your thoughts and your feelings have a direct effect upon the health of your cells, not just of your brain but of your entire body.  Science has proven that your thoughts and feelings communicate with all of your cells.  Negative feelings decrease the health of your cells; they create a stagnant cesspool within the cell itself.   When you feel this way you just feel cruddy all over, don’t you?  If you have any body aches or pains they get worse, don’t they?  The thing to know is that the less health you have in your cells and throughout your body, the harder it is to process fat and toxins out of the body.  It makes it easier for your body to hold on to the fat!  Have you ever been on a diet, not lost any weight and wondered why?It has been shown that today more than any other time, people are in a negative headspace over 70% of the time! Truly it appears that negativity has become the default setting in most people.   Our obesity epidemic is likewise at an all time high… hmmmm,  I wonder – is there a connection?!  Most definitely.
  • Positive thoughts and feelings – When you are in a good headspace and feelings of love or optimism fill your head, those feelings are actively increasing the health of your whole body.  Your entire mind and body are vibrating at a higher level!  Think back to a time in the past when you had positive thoughts and feelings. When you felt that way didn’t you feel great all over? That is because you not only felt good but you had raised the vibration level in all of your cells and that vibration sent out positive energy in all directions, in your body and outward!  The body and the cells also now actively want to get rid of the unwanted fat!  Ever been optimistic about losing weight, feeling good about it and the weight started to come off?
  • The Law of Attraction – the law of attraction states that like attracts like, but think of it as things or people with similar vibrations levels will be attracted to each other.  Likewise, things with different vibration levels repel each other.  When you are in a negative headspace you attract more negativity and other negative people to you.  Do you have bad days regularly? Do you sit around the water dispenser at work complaining and griping with all the other people who complain and gripe?  Or are you upbeat and positive most of the time, attracting other positive people and opportunities to you?  You attract to you what is in your life based upon your predominant thoughts and feelings!  Including regularly eating unhealthy  or healthy foods depending on your thoughts or feelings.
  • The Law of Attraction and Weight – So, now you realize that your thoughts and feelings helped to  create the level of health or weight that you now experience.  If you are not at the weight you want to be, you must not only change what you eat and create health within your body, but you must make sure that your predominant thoughts and feelings are positive.  In essence, you become what you think about most of the time; don’t play the head game of, “I am sad because I am overweight, not overweight because I am sad!”  The two are intimately linked; ask yourself why you eat most of the time?  Only because you are hungry or because food helps you to change the way you are feeling at a given moment?  Unfortunately for almost everyone who is overweight they are linked, you can’t address one without the other. In order for you to change your health and weight you also must change your mindset just a little bit from the inside out!
  • Thoughts and feelings are the key to health and weight loss; they are as important as the very food you eat!  If you are going to achieve your perfect weight, true health and a life that is fulfilling and full of passion you must embrace that the changes you need to make will begin on the inside!  From there, a diet that is founded on health will only help!
Why do you think that losing weight raises your self esteem so much? Only because of how you look? No, because of how you feel;  it changes the very essence of you!  The mind-body connection is the key to an incredible life and you can use the Law of Attraction to strengthen and reshape your very own mind-body connection.

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  1. Hi Michael, What are your thoughts on being able to eat whatever you want & still be healthy & lose weight in a healthy way... as long as your thoughts, feelings & beliefs are in accordance with that result? Do you agree or disagree? And if you agree, how do reconcile advising a "healthy" diet?