Thursday, December 22, 2011

What You Must Know before You Switch to Veganism - as seen on Oprah!

I watched the Oprah Show some time back.  The guest was the wife of a personal friend of Oprahs’ who was preaching the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  I say preaching because vegans certainly do take a hard lined, almost evangelical stance to their diet.  I knew that I needed to comment because people commonly don’t question or judge the message; they only judge the messenger.

When Oprah endorses anything, it carries some serious weight; the fact that the guest was a thin “Barbie” blonde would only add fuel to the fire.  People would inaccurately think that if they eat like her then they will look like her, people would think that this is the next dietary breakthrough.  

This guest says that she chose this lifestyle because she feels that it is healthier for her body and that it is a personal choice, she feels that it is inhumane to kill and eat animals.  

They had a representative of the meat industry there to show that the production of animal based protein is being carried out in it’s most humane way.  This representative was from Cargill one of the biggest manufacturers of meat and hamburgers in the United States.   All other meat manufacturers declined to be on the show, obvious to the fact that it would be bad for business and that they would be racked over the coals.

The video inside Cargill’s plant, showed livestock being fed high amounts of slop made up of corn, protein, fillers and anti-biotics to fatten them up..while they stand fairly stationary on a pile of dirt and manure.  It appeared not very healthy and certainly not very appetizing.  Whether you think that it is humane or not will be a personal choice for you. 

This is a good reason to try to buy your meat from organic grass-fed livestock from small farms.  

The question is really, is eating a vegan lifestyle a healthier choice.

The guest recommended that we should eat a diet of cereal and whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits and getting the majority of your protein from soy based products.  That’s right all protein sources were soy protein sources…things like; tofu, soy sausages, soy hamburgers, soy yogurt, soy everything.   That brings me to my 3 points.

  1. A recent study looked at the effects of eating soy products on the fertility in men.  Here is what they found.  Eating just ½ a serving of soy products in a day decreases a man’s sperm count up to 50%!  That’s only eating ½ serving.  This gal wants you to eat much more than that.  If any of your children are boys or if you are a man and are planning on having kids, or if you are planning on having kids with your husband – stay away from the soy! 

  1. Another recent review study looked back at 18 previous studies to look at the connection between soy products, increased estrogen and breast cancer.  13 were conclusive that dietary soy products increase estrogen and the risk of developing breast cancer.  5 tried to prove that eating soy products actually prevented breast cancer.  3 of those failed to prove their hypothesis and the other 2 showed that Asian woman who began eating high amounts of soy product in their adolescents did seem to prevent incidence of breast cancer.  But this was seen only in Asian women.  The overwhelming majority of research proves that high intake of soy products is not healthy.  Ladies, it is important to realize that anything that increases your estrogen can make you estrogen dominant.  This can mess up your progesterone levels, it can affect your mood, energy, sex drive, cycle and even heart rhythm.  

Side Note:  I have met many women whose health and cycle were in a bad way due to a vegan lifestyle.  The second we took them off of the soy products and back onto animal based protein, their cycle became regular and their health returned.

  1. Animal based sources of protein are our very best or only source for a huge number of vital nutrients; including creatine, carnitine, B-vitamines especially B12, Zinc.  Animal proteins are our only source of extremely important amino-acids including Taurine, and our only source for Omega-2 fish oils of which DHA and EPA are crucial to our health.

Side note: This was a pro-vegan diet show…why was Cargill there…just to be abused.  The representative stayed positive and took a stance that we are doing our job the best and most humane way possible.  But, still I couldn’t help but scratch my head…why did this company not do what all the other meat companies that were contacted had done and just be unavailable.  To bring a camera into a slaughter house/meat packing company was asking to lose business.  But, my skepticism was rewarded…Cargill is also the biggest manufacturer of soy products in our nation.   They are also notorious for putting more fillers and junk into their products than almost all the other companies.

So, there you have it just a few things to consider before you jump into the vegan lifestyle.  Remember we have evolved eating meat over the last 2.4 million years…it is what our physiology responds best too and when mixed with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, a small amount of tubors and whole grains represents our ideal diet.  Not some fake, created meat like substitute that messes up our bodies and robs us of our health.

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  1. Hi Michael. I'm a vegetarian who has considered veganism. I've heard of some of the negatives of soy as you described, but there also seem to be a lot of information out there covering the health benefits of soy. Do you know where I can find the original studies you're discussing so I can research this more? Thanks!

  2. Hi Barbie. Thank you for your comments. Here is a link to the study on soy and sperm count: and here are 3 different studies showing the progressive proliferation of breast turmor growth when exposed to soy products:

    Please let me know if this helps. Thanks!