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Weight Loss Diets for Women

To know what diet will best assist a woman, first we should talk about a woman’s life:

Women are busier today than at any other time in the history of humanity.  Some women work, some women raise children, most do both;  all women carry the burden of taking care of the household, all members of the family and contributing to society.    Women much more so then men, feel and burden themselves with the stress of their own responsibilities, as well as the struggles and stress that they share with their significant other, children, friends and the world.

After a day that is spent from the wee hours of the morning till well after the family is fed and all have been put to sleep, they finally get to a point when they can actually consider themselves and their own needs. 
But, here lies the problem; by that point their energy has gone, their motivation is spent and there is no-time to even begin to take care of themselves, let alone exercise.   Some will reflect on the day and recognize that the food choices they made throughout the day were not the best for health or their weight, most if not all of those choices were driven by convenience and cravings.   So they find themselves by the end of the day; unhappy with their health, their body, their lack of energy and motivation, and struggling with how to change it.   This will negatively affect their self-image, their self esteem, their relationships and most all aspects of their lives.

So gals, how do you change it?  How do you stop this from occurring each and every day when all of the responsibilities and stressors are not going to disappear?  How do you get back the control of your weight, your health and your energy?  How do you jump off the insanity train and start feeling great about your body and yourself once again?

Look for the solution in the problem.  When your life is that busy, hectic and full of stress,  two things will drive you to eating the wrong things in the wrong amounts; convenience and most importantly cravings.  
Eating the wrong things purely out of convenience is easily changed;  it boils down to preparation and scheduling.  So, do you have the motivation for each and would you know where to begin?  If not….then you need a little more information than just diet.  Don’t forget to read the authors box for more on that.
Cravings is really where choice of diet begins to become important.  There are two types of cravings; there are cravings created by the type of food you eat and there are cravings created by your responses to stress, boredom and emotions.

Cravings created by food – We now know that high fat, high sugar and large amounts of salt made into food products in just the right ratios feeds the chemical cravings that lead us to eat more and more of the same trash.  The junk food manufacturers and fast food companies know this and that is why they employ it against the unknowing public,  to keep them coming back day after day.  I know that might make you feel a little bit like a pawn, but that is the reality.  Your body’s hormones and chemical balance is all out of whack because of these food products and these changes create cravings for more of the same.  As a result it destroys the organs that metabolize fat, create inflammation and disease, mess up the balance of your female hormones and leads to poor health, diabetes and unwanted weight gain.

That is why trying to eat just less of this same junk never works because you just can’t compete with the power of these cravings.  But a healthy diet can, in fact a healthy diet can heal most of these problems quickly!

When I evaluate any diet it has to meet certain criteria…
  • It can’t be extreme…extreme does not work, especially not for long term weight loss.
  •  It has to be based on sound nutrition that focuses as much on increasing health as it does on consistent weight loss!
  • It has to be a diet plan that can be followed as a lifestyle and it should not require you to count calories or points!  Reason coming shortly.
  • It has to be comprehensive; in that it provides all necessary information including the do’s, don’t and sometimes of eating certain foods and provides recipes that make it easy to follow!
  • It has to quickly repair injured hormones and organ systems so fat can be burned.  And it must massively increase energy and restore chemical balance so cravings disappear.  I have seen this happen within 5 days with the Ultimate Fat Loss Solution Diet.
Cravings created by responses to stress, feelings, etc. -  It might or might not surprise you to find out that you eat less than 25% of the time because you are hungry or because of food cravings described above.  You eat most of the time because of the way it makes you feel; if you are stressed, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, bored, they can all create the cravings for food.  This occurs because food will at least temporarily remove those painful, negative feelings or emotions.  It is a brief moment of reprieve from how you feel or your daily stress.  Of course we know in the long run, emotional eating just adds more stress and guilt, but unfortunately the short-term benefits most often wins out.

Now just think about this for a moment.  These responses or cravings are the biggest contributors to weight gain in women, but many diets would have you count points or calories as a solution.  The reason this fails 95% of the time in achieving permanent weight loss is because counting is an analytical, mathematical, left-brain activity.  Your cravings or responses to emotions and feelings are a right-brain phenomena.   The two will not cancel each other out, in fact it will only create internal turmoil.  You can count all you want while all is well and peaceful in your life, but the moment stress from your busy day, screaming kids, conflict of any kind and emotions start to surface…your right brain will take over and it will sabotage your counting, your diet and trigger a craving for food not found on your diet!…ice cream anyone?

Successful weight loss Diets for women begins with:
  • a nutritious, health focused diet that can be followed as a guide for a lifestyle and that quickly rids the body of unwanted cravings.
  • While on the diet you must also have other critical information that is available that will lead to permanent change!  This information will help you create the small mental shift or change in thinking that will not only give you the motivation and inspiration to prepare and schedule your food.  But, it will also give you the key tips and strategies that will let you end your negative emotional connections with food!
It has been my experience when helping countless women lose weight permanently and it has been echoed by other leaders in the personal growth field;  that anything a person wants to change in their life can be broken down into changing two things -  25% mechanics and 75% psychology.

In the case of women permanently losing weight - the 25% you must change… is picking the right diet,  the 75% psychology you must change… will give you the motivation and inspiration to do what you need to do, and it will release you from your negative habits and emotional connections with food!

About:  Michael Mountain is a transformational author on health, weight loss & personal growth and is featured on He is the author of the Ultimate Fat Loss Solution which is available presently free of charge at   He is also the author of Mindset for Weight Loss transformational program - a revolutionary step-by-step program designed to provide the “inner-strength strategies” to take any diet and make it effective for permanent weight loss.  This program allowed him to end his own personal 20 year struggle with weight and poor health!

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